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Our Waste to Energy ERVOeco technology specializes in waste processing leading to electricity generation. For example when processing plastic waste, it can produce 3MWh of electrical energy per hour. What sets us apart is our global reach, as we have solutions for countries that lack the necessary resources for waste disposal.


How it works

In the following description, we will outline the process by which technology ERVOeco transforms organic waste such as tires, plastic or wastewater sludges into valuable resources and generates electricity for cryptocurrency mining. ERVOeco is a groundbreaking solution that efficiently manages organic waste and maximizes its potential by producing clean energy and valuable materials.


Waste Preparation

The process begins with the collection and preparation of organic waste. These waste materials are cleaned, sorted, and prepared for processing, which may include shredding or drying to optimize the depolymerization process.

Depolymerization with ERVOECO

Once prepared, the organic waste is introduced into the ERVOECO system for processing. ERVOeco utilizes a catalytic depolymerization process, which involves subjecting the waste to higher temperatures and pressure in the presence of a catalyst. This process breaks down complex organic compounds into simpler substances.


Resources Extraction

The depolymerization process results in the extraction of three primary resources: gas, oil, and carbon. The gas component may include gases like methane and hydrogen, while the oil product typically consists of various hydrocarbons. A solid carbon residue, sometimes referred to as biochar or carbon black, is also obtained.

Electricity Generation

The extracted gas and oil are then harnessed to generate electricity. This can be achieved through various means, including combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration, where gas and oil are used to produce electricity. Alternatively, gas and oil can be burned in turbines or engines to generate mechanical power, which is subsequently converted into electricity.


Cryptocurrency Mining

The electricity generated by ERVOeco is directed towards powering a specialized mining container equipped with individual mining rigs. These rigs utilize the electricity produced from waste processing to conduct cryptocurrency mining operations.

By integrating ERVOeco into the waste management process, we not only efficiently process organic waste but also harness its potential to produce valuable resources and clean energy. This energy can be effectively utilized for cryptocurrency mining, creating a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste management and cryptocurrency production.

Case study - Project Maldives

The project in the Maldives represents a comprehensive strategy to combat plastic waste, employing the ERVeco PLASTIC technology. This innovative technology processes and recycles plastic waste with an impressive capacity, capable of handling 1.2 tons of plastics per hour. From this processing, an astounding nearly 3.3 MWh of electricity is generated.

The entire project is designed to be complete and encompasses all aspects of plastic waste management. It begins with collection and sorting equipment to separate plastics from other waste materials. These plastic materials are then dried and shredded, preparing them for entry into the ERVOeco technology. Here, the main processing of plastic waste occurs.

Following the depolymerization of the waste in ERVOeco, there is a treatment of the outputs, where the resources obtained from plastics are utilized within the electricity production process. This entire project is a comprehensive and efficient way to address the issue of plastic waste while simultaneously generating clean electrical energy.

Despite the initial investment of approximately $10 million, the return on this investment is rapid. Due to the efficient waste processing and the utilization of the energy potential from the obtained resources, the project is expected to become financially self-sustainable within just three years of operation. This project not only helps to reduce the plastic waste problem in the Maldives but also contributes to energy self-sufficiency and sustainability in this beautiful region.

Return on Investment

Based on the calculation , the initial investment in the project will be returned already during the first 3 years of operation. Below is the projected profit development for the first five years.

Each project is different in its setting, type of processed material, output requirements or place of operation. In any case, thanks to the specific activity of the ERVOeco technology and, above all, the possibility of producing valuable raw materials from waste, we can assemble almost every project in such a way that the return on the initial investment takes place within five years of operation.

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